Protect Your Ears With Customized Earplugs

Protect Your Ears With Customized Earplugs

Protect your ears with customized earplugs. Whether you are attending a concert or working at a construction site, it is best to protect your ears from further damage.

At Central Hearing Clinic, we provide custom earplugs for sleeping, swimming, music, industrial and specialty applications. Unlike foam earplugs, our custom earplugs are made of softest medical grade silicone, tailored to match your exact ear shape and size and are exceptionally comfortable for all day use.

Musician Earplugs

Prolonged exposure to loud music may harm your hearing. Our custom-made musician earplugs have numerous filters available (9dB, 15dB, 25dB filters) so they can be switched out to reduce the sound level to exactly what you need for the environment or performance situation. Also, our musician earplugs attenuate across all frequencies rather than just low and mid-range frequencies. This means they will maintain the clarity of sound rather than just low and mid range frequencies, keeping the music clear, beautiful and natural sounding while simultaneously reducing the sound to safe levels. 

Swimming Earplugs

Our custom swim earplugs fit snuggly into your ears and keep water from entering the ear canal to minimize the chance of ear infection and discomfort during water activities. They are available in a variety of attractive colours.

Noise Defender

Exposure to loud noise or continued exposure to sounds can put your hearing in danger. Our custom made Ear Defender earplugs help protect you from noise while still allowing you to have conversations with your co-workers. Tailor made to fit your ears using medical grade silicone, these plugs are so comfortable you can easily wear them all day long without taking them off. 

Sleeping Earplugs

Send your sleepless nights due to city noise, neighbor’s dog barking or snoring. Our custom made sleeping earplugs are tailored to match your exact ear shape and size so you get comfortable and quiet sleep. They are also perfect for long flights or studying.

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