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Purchasing hearing aids online is NOT RECOMMENDED! Most of the hearing aids purchased online are simply sound amplifiers that will make everything louder (including all the ambient noises around you). They will not separate speech from background noises like today’s more sophisticated hearing aids are designed to do.
Hearing aids purchased outside Canada do not include any servicing plans, such as programming, adjustments or maintenance at a local clinic. More often you end up spending more money than you would have with a local hearing aid provider for mailing the hearing aid back to the clinic you purchased the hearing aids from for adjustments, repair and maintenance. At Central Hearing Clinic, our hearing professional offer face-to-face service, which can give you real-time feedback about whether the adjustment seems better or worse. You can stop by our clinic with no appointment to see our staff for hearing aid cleanings and minor repairs with no charge. If your hearing aid requires extensive repair we will send the hearing aid to the manufacturer and loan you a hearing aid so you never have to live without your “ears”.
Hearing aids are NOT COVERED under the Medical Services Plan (MSP). However, there are a number of funding options including individual Extended Health Benefit plans, Non-Insured Health Benefits for First Nations and Inuit, RCMP and Veterans’ Affairs Canada. Individuals with low income or on disability benefits may qualify for financial aid through a government assistance program. Our staff can advise you of possible funding options.